Childhood Sweethearts!!

We knew we were going to shoot an amazing story as soon as Sujoy and Narmada told us they knew each other from 1st standard. Awestruck narration from Narmada on how their story began by collecting stones from their school trips to climbing trees together during their PHd, we were just dumbfounded everytime. The couples request was to keep everything simple and that made us fall in love with this wedding even more. From doing the wedding makeup herself this bride set standards to simplicity and yet so classy. Just because the groom had seen the bride without makeup all his life, she knew she wanted a no makeup look because they were getting married for each other and no one else!! Loved bringing out the essence of this unique captivating love story.

  • Venue : Bhoginandeeshwara Temple, Bangalore
  • Photographed by : Eshant Raju