Karan and Amulya tied the knot in a beautiful Tulu style wedding. The ceremonies included mehandi, sangeet and the wedding. Amulya is an avid marathon runner and thats how Karan chose to propose her by running a "scripted path" that led to "Will you marry me" on the GPS map. We love documenting such crazy stories and being a part of such a fun family wedding.

Narration from the bride;

That we were both forcibly added to a Whatsapp group titled “#Awkward” should give you a hint on how our story begins.After months of persuasion by our common friends and harmless social media tagging, we’d finally agreed to “just chat and see what happens” (as you do). Anyway, considering that we were free-spirits living in different time-zones, the chances of us getting together (and eventually getting married!) were as good as zero, or so we thought. Nervously, we exchanged our hellos, a few memes and inexplicably, photos of baked beans - early signs of things moving in the right direction! Looking back at our exchanges in those early days is quite cringeworthy, both of us clearly out of our comfort zones yet, to be honest, never having felt more comfortable. In the heady days that followed, we discovered our common love for mountains, running and to our surprise – a justified hatred for mustard seeds and coriander.Unfortunately, we always had a third wheel in our relationship – Skype. Endless hours staring at our phones and praying that the network holds up soon became a part of life. But mercifully, meeting each other for the first time a few months down the line, was like meeting a childhood friend – we’d left the #Awkward days way behind! To say that we were both cynical about finding love is an understatement – yet like every clichéd love-story we had our own “This is it!” moment where we both realized that our lives just make more sense together. Sometimes, things in life just fit – you need to realize it and just go for it.Exactly what we did.

Karan & Amulya