From strangers to soul mates #krishnanjali

Narration from the bride;

Two strangers who became best friends and then partners for life, our love story started 6 years ago in grad college. Coming from two completely different cultural backgrounds, Krishnan is a Tamil Brahmin from Mumbai and I am a Mangalorean Catholic from Bangalore, making our story quite like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States.But our cultures are the only thing that differentiate us, since we share similar likes and dislikes. Our love for trying different cuisines and dislike for mushy romance is what brought us closer. Krishnan has never given me flowers and I don’t complain. In college we would go together to pick out each other’s birthday cakes, unlike other couples who believe in surprises with roses and a candle light dinner. But each love story is unique.If you ask Krishnan how he would describe us as a couple in 3 words he would say - Crazy, talented and fun! After we graduated from college I moved back to Bangalore and Krishnan to Mumbai. But as fate had it Krishnan got offered a job in Bangalore not once but 3 times in the 6 years we spent together and never needed to stay away from Bangalore. It was as if the universe never wanted us to be apart. Since then we have shared many great memories together, the latest one being our wedding. Once we decided we wanted to get married, we brought our parents into the picture, and after a lot of drama, discussions and decisions we got married. We didn’t have an official engagement and since we always took every decision together, Krishnan never had to propose to me. But he knew that the little girl inside me would want some romance, since after all this is our happily ever after. On a holiday with our college buddies to Pondicherry, he planned the most adorable proposal. He surprised me with my favourite song, fairy lights and a beautiful setup of our time together through our photographs, each one captioned ! He went down on one knee in front of all our friends and proposed to me. He was lucky that he knew what my answer would be!We were so fortunate to have our family and friends travel from all over the world to be part of our wedding and make it so memorable. We got married in both styles, in a mandap as well as in a church. Our wedding was a 5 day fun filled event, beginning with a Mehendi and ending with a Reception where we danced like there was no tomorrow. It's safe to say our wedding was the best one we have been to yet!

Krishnan & Anjali