A tale of 3 cities and 2 cultures!

Narrated by the bride;

8 years ago we met through a common friend in Bengaluru. Soon we met at another friends pre-wedding party, where we got along like a house on fire and danced the whole night. At the end of the night Nishant leaned in closer to me and said ,” Im going to put a ring on that finger some day,” to which I laughed loudly. What a crazy thing to say to someone you've just met! Few months later, I moved to Mumbai and Nishant continued to work in Bengaluru, while life moved on and we lost touch.Five years passed, and one day, all of a sudden something inside nudged me to call him and see how he was doing. Turns out, he had moved to Hyderabad.We happened to meet in Bengaluru again and it felt like nothing had changed. He was to meet me for an hour and head back to Hyderabad. A couple of missed flights and few pitchers later, we were still there.He decided to stay back because he knew something felt just right.I went back to Bombay all smiley and excited while he returned to Hyderabad.We had an inkling that this could be the beginning to something real.Many many flights between Bombay, Hyderabad and Bengaluru later - we decided to take the leap. It's been three years now, Nishant moved to Bengaluru, I still live in Bombay and we are married.And he still laughs around telling me “ I always knew I'll put a ring on that finger.”

Nishant & Shruti