Narrated by the bride;

Pradeep and I have known each other 6 years. We met in San Antonio in 2014. Despite working in two very different fields (dentistry and programming) and coming from what seemed like two very different worlds, we bonded over our love for tennis, tacos, margaritas, and of course South Indian food.The next year I moved to San Francisco to start dental school and he moved to Orlando to start a new job. We were excited to start a new life in an exciting new city and didn't think we'd keep in touch. But living on 2 different coasts and 3 time zones apart didn't change how much we cared for each other.Fast forward to September of 2019, when we were hiking down the narrowest canyon at Zion national park, waist deep in water, Pradeep asked me to marry him and I said, YES!

Pradeep & Laxmi