Rakesh and Swathi got married in a beautiful setting at the Poornima Convention Center. It was a two day celebration starting from Haldi to the Reception, involving the traditional Kannada wedding rituals. To simplify further, weddings in Karnataka are elementary in nature and Kannadigas prefer to abide by their rooted traditions, thus not involving much of flashiness and flamboyance.

The pre-wedding shoot had helped us establish a sense of understanding that they would want beyond the typical traditional photos. Their bar was risen since then and we were all set to deliver even better. Doing the pre-wedding shoot for this couple was very intriguing as we had a particular attachment and familiarity with the location. We got married there and likewise we could help them get comfortable with the setting. This one point of immediate connect enabled us to do our job brilliantly. All four of us drove down together till Hampi and the long road trip from Bengaluru (more than six hours) helped establish a strong sense of connection, which is essential before the shoot. Adding on both Rakesh and Swathi were extremely cooperative and experimental, which gave us the space to expand upon our thought process and apply our skills to the utmost. 

Rakesh & Swathi

Rakesh & Swathi - Teaser