A couple that hikes together, stays together!

Narration from the bride;

Let’s rewind back 7 years to when We first met. We worked in the same team, hung out, cracked jokes, went out to eat and even a movie. All the things friends do.. But this wasn’t the beginning of our love story but it was the beginning of one of those life long friendship.As I like to say life goes on.. and our lives went on our separate paths. Sharath first went to peruse masters I followed a year later.. We occasionally spoke but we were busy with our separate lives!! It wasn’t until I was job hunting that our paths really crossed again.. I flew down to Seattle for an interview and we caught up over dinner.. hit with nostalgia of the good old days. It really felt nice catching up with an old friend! So now we started talking and I guess this was our new beginning!Our mutual live for travel, hiking and food brought us closer! Once we decided to hike a popular but tough hike around Seattle called mailbox peak. While I was struggling to make it to the top constantly looking at the top and stopping every two minutes to catch my breath, sharath had raced to the the top! I finally made it to the top and all I wanted to do was sit down. But, sharath wanted me to check out the mailbox! Little did I know of the card waiting for me! I was so tired and hungry but glowing with happiness..

Guess it was always meant to be!